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Selling Your Home?

Responsibilities of The Seller in a Real Estate Transaction

  • Real Estate Commission & Realtor Fees – if applicable
  • Document Preparation for the Deed
  • Documentary Transfer Tax- Approximately $8.60 Per Thousand of Sales Price
  • Any Closing Costs Required by Buyer’s Lender – if Negotiated in Sales Contract
  • Pay off of All Loans/Liens in Seller’s Name & Wire Fee/Overnight Fee
  • Radon fee & Remediation – if applicable
  • Termite Inspection – if required
  • Termite Treatment & Repair – if required
  • Water, Well and Septic – if required
  • Home Warranty – if required
  • Any Judgement, Tax Liens Against the Seller
  • Tax Proration and /or Current Taxes Owed
  • Any Unpaid Homeowner’s Dues – if required
  • Recording Charges to Clear all Documents of Record Against Seller
  • Any Unpaid Special Assessments – if required
  • Escrow Fees- if Applicable To Closing
  • Any Unpaid Utility Connection Fees
  • Owners Title Insurance Premium
  • Closing Fee